Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to begin In-Home Care services?

It is not unusual to assign a Caregiver within a day or two of when we receive the request for In-Home Care. However, at Bux-Mont Home Care, it’s a priority to assign not only the BEST possible Caregiver with the appropriate skill level, but a Caregiver that will be able to transition with your  parent if that becomes necessary. We do our best to accommodate your time frame, and would prefer a day or so, but that is not required.


Do you really have Caregivers that will “Live-In” with my Mom?

Yes!  Bux-Mont Home Care has wonderful Live-In Caregivers that do exactly that, they live with the client.  A Live-In Caregiver provides consistent care with 24 hour security for your Mom and your peace of mind!  We offer a highly competitive Live-In rate that makes this option very affordable for those who qualify.

Do you charge more for Home Care on weekends and overnights?

In-Home care does not stop on the weekends or at night and neither do we. Bux-Mont Home Care, unlike other agencies, does not charge a higher rate for weekends or overnights. You shouldn’t have to pay more just because it’s the weekend.

My Dad is resistant to the idea of having a “stranger” living in the house assisting him. What do I do?

We deal with this all the time!   Resistance is normal and as I tell clients, that’s how they got to be 80, by doing things themselves. It is part of the Caregivers job to mesh with your Dad and make their presence, not only accepted, but wanted. Clients often respond better to the nudging of a Caregiver, as opposed to a family member, especially with Personal Care and such. We also can start gradually, and spread the visits out until In-Home Care is just part of the routine.

I am concerned about my Mom’s nutrition. They eat nothing but hot dogs and frozen dinners. I prepare food but they won’t take it out of the freezer. What am I suppose to do?

Nutrition is very important and so are regular balanced meals. In addition, medications often need to be taken with food, and so having a consistent meal routine is very important.  We often will put together a meal plan, complete with a grocery list to have healthy meals on hand.  Caregivers will prepare or heat up meals and often not only encourage them to eat, but provide company during the meal.

What if I need the Caregiver to take my Mom to the doctors?

Our Caregivers can drive our clients to the Doctor’s office and any other appointments that they may have. We require a valid driver’s license, DMV Report and proof of the Caregivers Auto Insurance. In the event that the Caregiver uses their car, we will bill for mileage.

We have had In-Home Care before and the agency that we were using was sending a different person every other day. It was very confusing and frustrating for my Mom.

We hear about this problem a lot! Bux-Mont Home Care provides you with a primary Caregiver, and then after everyone is comfortable and in a routine, we will provide a secondary Caregiver. That way, if the primary needs a day off, or is sick, we have a back-up, that your Mom knows.  Our Caregivers like to work consistently with one client, and the clients thrive on continuity of care.  If we are assisting a client for 5-7 days a week, we will assign a third Caregiver so that we rarely miss a shift.  In addition, all the Caregivers that are assigned to a client talk to each other regularly to make sure we are providing continuity and quality care.

Mom is recovering from a fall and the doctor said it would be 4-6 weeks until she can go back to driving and her normal routine. Can I get a Caregiver on a short term basis?

Bux-Mont Home Care excels at flexibility and we often assist clients for a few weeks until they are safely able to resume their normal activities.